Filmscool meet the Queen

Jubilee Time Capsule Presentation, October 13th 2012

Four Film’s Cool filmmakers exhibited their Documentary, Drop The Dress Code, at the Royal Commonwealth Society.  Their film was premièred at the British Film Institute last summer to celebrate Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee.  As such their doc was uploaded to The Jubilee Time Capsule to provide their view of contemporary Britain. The event involved a gallery opening with Her Majesty The Queen in attendance visiting all the exhibitors to enquire about their work.


Barbican Conference

Achievement Show, Specialist School and Academies Trust, 14th June 2011

Exposition of new technologies and how digital champions can be used to better attainment and achievement across the whole school.  Oliver Rosen led a session with Digital Champions from Acland Burghley School.  The workshop focussed on how dynamic technologies can be used within the classroom while being supported with student digital champions.  Over 1000 schools attended and the event was a great success highlighting a range of social and digital media and their use in a cross curricular capacity.