Acclaim for Filmscool

Working on a zero budget, contributions from and partnerships with judges, mentors, alumnae students and organisations is essential, without which the projects would not succeed. Here is what a few of them have to say about Film’s Cool:

Jenny Grahame, Editor of Media Magazine, “Film’s Cool has forged a creative and innovative relationship between young people, the school curriculum and a wide range of sectors and practitioners within the film industry. It is particularly pleasing that these partnerships have been formed under the aegis of the formal curriculum, as opposed to the informal sector, giving all students an opportunity to explore and learn about the industry while enhancing the creative and communicative skills required both for academic study and the world of work.”

Professor Chris Husbands, Director of the Institute of the Education, “In these times of riots, unemployment, and negative press for the capital’s young people – it is refreshing to see industry and education combining to help raise aspirations and encourage achievement…It’s a real privilege to attend the LEP awards each year: to be able to celebrate imaginative and committed people working together to improve opportunities for London’s children and young people.”

Neil Crombie, Executive Producer Seneca Productions, “I found working with Film’s Cool inspiring. As the students made their own documentaries for me, I could watch them shaping their material, debating the arguments, and working out what they really wanted to say about their world. Isn’t that the point of education? It’s certainly what documentaries should be about.”

Anna Higgs, Head of Film 4.0, “At Film4 we welcome any initiatives that encourage filmmaking talent from a young age, so I was delighted to be involved in judging the terrific work the students produced. Great achievements from the students!”

Femi Oyeniran, Actor, Adulthood/Kidulthood (2008), “The standard of work was great and I think you guys have created an amazing platform that I only wish would have been available for me when I was at school.”

Student z, part of a group that won Best Editing for their trailer Outbreak (2012), “It was a fantastic opportunity to engage with Media professionals with their feedback and insight into the industry. The skills we developed like team work and dynamic ICT cover and range of subjects and can be used throughout life. The Final was very exciting, it was great to know people we’re so supportive and the trailers looked amazing on the big screen.”